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More than 27.5% of the world luxury goods are consumed by China
China is the biggest recipient of foreign direct investment in the world
China is the world's second largest economy
China is one of the leading tourism exports in the world
China overtook France as the biggest red wine consumer in the world
China is the world's largest importer by 2014

“It was our pleasure to work with Camellia Universal for our business event in Ningbo. The high level of professional expertise, organisational skills and thoroughness was greatly appreciated by the Maltese business delegation in Ningbo. As Malta Enterprise, we will continue to work with Camellia Universal in the future.”
--- Alan Camilleri, Executive Chairman, Malta Enterprise Corporation, Malta

"Biao has advised and recommended several actions to me , all with great success. We have become good, trusting friends. I recommend him highly."
--- John Cutler, John H Cutler, Business Principal & Designer, Australia

"Lomonosov Moscow State University's Institute of Asian and African Studies and the Center for Intercultural Communication L.L.C. had the honor of receiving Professor Biao Wang, Founder and CEO of Camellia Universal Limited, in Moscow in 8 and 9 April 2011 as a visiting lecturer on Doing Business in China. During three months of our collaboration Professor Wang proved a person of high integrity and professionalism. Before coming to Moscow to deliver his lectures, Professor Wang was the most active contributor to the curriculum design process, promptly responding to all messages and comments, suggesting new ideas and offering expertise on China-related topics. His lectures were of such a great value that he was the only visiting lecturer who received an official commendation for the enormous contribution he made to the program. I recommend Professor Wang without any hesitation as an experienced China business consultant and a talented public speaker."
--- Fedor Ovchinnikov, Lomonosov Moscow State University's Institute of Asian and African Studies and the Center for Intercultural Communication L.L.C, Director, Russia

"Xie xie” for your presentation yesterday. We all learnt a lot, and enjoyed the session, so it definitely achieved its purpose."
--- Chris Jones, Delphi Automotive Systems, HR Manager, UK

"Remember that old line that "businesses don't do business with other businesses - it's only people who do business with other people". I have had the great pleasure to work with Biao Wang for almost ten years. Biao is a hard working businessman, offers complete integrity and is totally passionate about connecting China with the West. Despite the ongoing global turmoil, this is a time of unprecedented opportunity for global entrepreneurs. So if you are a Chinese entrepreneur or wanting to introduce your business to the right people in China, I urge you to speak to Biao."
--- Robin Johnson, Professional Leadership and Business Performance Coaching at OvationXL LLP, UK

"Having been involved in project development with Camellia Universal Ltd for the past year, I am struck by their totally professional approach and drive for quality. Camellia are a forward thinking organisation with great awareness of current business climate and are astute in their progression, making them a class act."
--- Don Garnham, Artadon, Director, UK

"AIA have found the team at Camellia Universal extremely helpful and it has been a real pleasure working with them. They have been able to meet tight deadlines and provide a well researched, high quality article for International Accountant magazine in a very short space of time. I would highly recommend Camellia and hope to work with them again in the future."
--- Hayley Richardson, Association of International Accountants, Marketing & PR Executive, UK

"The seminar 'Doing Business in China - Know the Game' 'was very useful and appropriate for our needs."
--- Carlos Barrera,
Hydrogen Energy International Ltd - a joint venture between BP & Rio Tinto, UK

"Biao has great in depth knowledge of the Chinese market but also has great skill at presenting it and explaining its intricities to a meeting. His extensive knowledge means he can source products and contacts in China to your exact specification. Biao has great integrity and enthusiasm which has made it a great pleasure to work with him on projects and events in the past. I would have no trouble recommending him most highly."
--- Nick Findell, The Graphic Agenda, Owner, UK

"I confirm that I have dealt with Camellia Universal Ltd since 2007, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of, China Outsourcing, Business Consultancy and Chinese Business Culture. Their work has been a major factor in our Anglo-China Success helping us to develop strong secure trade links in Hong Kong. I can confidently recommend Camellia Universal Ltd Mr. Biao Wang as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field."
--- Patrick London, Patrick London Group, Director, UK

"I can highly recommend Biao. He has given lecturers at our Chamber especially regards Chinese culture and business ethics and also helped us to establish networking and business contacts. He is highly trustworthy and efficent."
--- Helga Ellul, The Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry, President, Malta

Learn how to conduct business in the world's fastest growing economy. In the last two decades, China's rapid economic growth, low labour costs and increasing number of wealthy consumers have attracted foreign companies to invest in the country. It overtook the US as the biggest recipient of foreign direct investment in 2003 and overtook the US as the largest manufacturing nation in the world in 2011. China overtook Japan as the world’s second-largest economy in 2010. China also has overtaken Japan as the biggest luxury goods consumer of the world in 2012 which currently more than 27.5% of the world luxury goods are consumed by China. Apart from having the resources to invest, it is vital to understand China's local business practices, rules, regulations, culture and society. Western-Chinese business ventures frequently fail due to lack of an in depth understanding of Chinese business culture, politics and business negotiation. It is essential that any business venture acquires the appropriate knowledge and skills to succeed. With some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry, our services are customised to the needs of individual business to maximise their success in China. Please click here for a prospectus.

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"Our record shows that we deliver values to our clients that far exceed costs."
"We always seek a deeper and long-term relationship with our clients."

--- Mr Biao Wang MBA (Founder & CEO)

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